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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 30, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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news 4 today starts now. 10:00 on the dot, here's what we're following on news 4 on this sunday morning. it is warming up out there and you're going to feel the heat this week. storm team 4 tracking when thunderstorms might get in the way of the plans too. >> anybody remember who our opponent was? huh? >> yay, 101 and not far from the campaign trail, the familiar messages that president trump looks ahead to the next challenges. back ahead and jake ahead, and he has scored. >> oh yeah, and if if you finish it out, you to more than most people. it is not looking good for the caps. the big obstacle that now stands in their way of the stanley cup and keeping theirre
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tough night for them as they got pretty much blown out by the penguins and now have to go to pittsburgh anyway, focus on the positive. sunday morning, the weather is improving and we hope to have a better day today. >> things will be cooler for us for tom to break it all down. he's joining us now, i believe you are at the storm team 4 weather center. >> i am. and seeing sunshine breaking out now in the metro area. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera overlooking northwest washington, we're seeing sunshine now as the low cloud cover is beginning to break up around the metro area. elsewhere, we've had quite a bit of sun all morning long and parts of northern virginia where a look at high temperatures this afternoon and maybe near 90 degrees, fredericksburg, mid-80s, little bit further north, and then look to our north. only going to be in the mid-70s for highs this afternoon. just north of washington, right in the metro area. making the low 80s by midafternoon and near 80 right around the bay. might get an isolated passing shower or
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the metro area this afternoon. i've got new timing on that and a look at other storm chances for the week ahead. that's coming up this half hour. >> all right, tom, thank you very much. right now if you need to drive along 95 south this weekend, you're going to to want avoid the area near gail city. vdot is reducing the route from three lanes to two. but he also took aim at the media. >> they are gathered together for the white house correspondent's dinner without the presen
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and i could not possibly be more thrilled than to be more than 100 miles away from washington swamp. >> well the president went on to race the media's record during his presidency. he said the media earned a quote, very, very big fat failing grade, end quote. >> okay then. while the president was rallying supporters in in pennsylvania, here in d.c., journalists, as he was mentioning were gathered for the white house correspondent's dinner. with president trump deciding to skip this year's event. also has you mentioned there, the dinner focussed on the importance of a free press to democracy, but it wasn't all serious. the headliner from the daily show had plenty of jokes with much of it focussed, yes, on the president. >> the leader of our country is not here. and that's because he lives in moscow. it is a very long flight. it'd be hard for vlad to make it. vlad can't just make it on a saturday.
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as for the other guy, i think he's in pennsylvania because he can't take a joke. >> ouch. dagger. the white house correspondent's association also handed out scholarships to 23 budding journalists. good for them. and while the president was at that rally in pennsylvania, thousands of people gathered in downtown d.c. for another rally. >> in what is being called the people's climate march. the march took aim at president trump's environmental policies. participants started in front of the u.s. capitol and made their way to the white house before ending with a rally at the washington monument. and you won't to want miss this week's edition of meet the press, chuck todd will have an exclusive interview with vice president mike pence and exclusive joint interview with maine senator susan collins and angus king. chuck going to join us for a ie
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the capitals, in a huge hole now in the clutch for the cup. they are down two games to none after losing to the penguins again last night. penguins beat them 6-2 with a stomping. >> yeah. >> thumping. >> thumping is a good way -- at least in the second half. the first half wasn't bad. they hope to bounce back with a win tomorrow night in game three. news 4's carol maloney has a look at what happened. >> reporter: the capitals dominated the first period here saturday night. but all their chances, they came up empty and haunted. the penguins chased braden from the net in the final period, and they crushed the caps, 6-2. washington now in a deep hole in this series. and they're headed to pittsburgh. the caps brung the post three times in this game, yet the penguins capitalized on their opportunity. the favorite spot, braden's glove.
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the net minder, polled after the second period. >> he wasn't as sharp as he can be for us. he's a game changer for us. and so, when he didn't change the game, i just looked to change the mojo a little bit there. >> playoffs are made out of big moments. and, you know, their goal, that's a big one, that's where your goalie needs to come up with a save. >> the penguins net the two on his replacement phillip as well. a disappointing defeat inspiring a players only meeting after. what was said in the locker room? >> none of your business. we can see our path to success. we played really, really well. didn't get rewarded. >> not going to get me to say whoa is me and i can't believe it. no, i mean hey, you make your own breaks and i truly believe that. and wrooer going to work our butts off to get one in our column. >> reporter: this could be the worst possible scenario for the caps. they're down two games, there's questions about their starting goal
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and they're headed to pittsburgh for game three. silver lining, it's the best of seven series. but the caps only have five chances to win four games. >> i just feel the disappointment in carol's voice. you know what i mean, it is there, but, you know, anything is possible. last year's nba finals down 3-1. came back and won it. >> you're right. the wizards, let's talk about basketball. they continued their quest today. >> this is uplifting. it's the first game, just think about what happened friday in atlanta. wall dominated. what a win, they will face the boston celtics today. it's going to be a tough game. they split their regular season series at two games apiece. so, go, we're rooting for you. >> should be a good series. location is everything when it comes to thunderstorms today. tom is tracking your best chances to stay dry.
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welcome back. prince william county church is celebrating a major milestone this morning. >> it's big. derek ward is live at first mountain zion baptist church with a look at how the congregation is marking 150 years today. a lot of people there showing up early. >> reporter: oh indeed, this parking lot has been full for about an hour. since the 9:00 services are just beginning. people are even having trouble finding a place to park. that is because they are celebrating their 150th year in existence. now you want to know how this church began, humble beginning just after the civil war. it was 1867 when the first 22 members, the founding members of
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church met in a log cabin which was actually in the rock hill area of stafford county. now eventually, they built up a little bit, but they had a fire happen in the early 1870s, and there's some rift in the church. and that resulted in this location that we have here now. this church has been here since the '40s, the new building that we see up here now have been existence for the past 15, 16 years or so. it is growing with this area, and of course, now that they are celebrating a century and a half. the governor is here to help them. and we talked to the minister here about how excited and happy he is that the governor is coming. take a listen. >> it is so pleasing to us to have the governor his busy schedule to come by and be a part of our celebration. we're excited to have him with us today. and to the celebration. so very much. >> reporter: indeed. indeed it does. and so as i said, this service gets under way about
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years in existence. a lot of institutions can't say that this one has lasted. we are live, news 4, back to you. >> great story, thank you so much, derek. it won't be long before temperatures are back up near 80 degrees. five degrees away from that right now. tom updating with how you can plan for the monday morning commute. >> my only hope is that i don't lose them to silicon valley, i don't lose him to wall street, or the pharmaceutical industry that when he is finally able to come to work somewh
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welcome back. do you know any kids constantly impressing you with their smarts and talent? local prodigy is often called the next einstein. >> and he's living up to the name already. seven years old, he's already having to face a job offer from nasa. >> nasa. >> a decision, big decision at age seven. here's news 4's amy chou. >> reporter: at a place like this -- >> it's highway in outer space. >> reporter: they try to recruit the best and the brightest. >> watch this. >> reporter: they've got one guy on their short list. he's liked nasa since he was four. >> physics. >> reporter: even though that was a pretty short time ago. >> i'm seven now. >> reporter: meet him. >> oxygens. >> my only hope is that i don't lose him to silicon valley, i don't lose him to wall street or
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realized early on their son had a gift for learning, so they made it a point to home zool him. >> no way. >> reporter: that includes field trips to places like nasa. >> acid. >> we've been learning with him and trying to stay a step or two ahead which is a lot, but it's possible and can be done. >> what's your favorite subject? >> organic chemistry. zblg most don't study until college. >> reporter: then again, most aren't walking. >> quantum numbers. >> reporter: talking, scientific dictionaries. >> cyanide. >> reporter: his resume is equally long. a few weeks ago, he even took his talents to the tonight show. >> please welcome, seven-year-old genius, romanio jr. >>. [ applause ] >> reporter: so what does a kid genius wanted what? >> i want to make a star when i'm 19. and put it in the galaxy.
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this kid already is one. news 4. >> so we are going to tell you about local super kids each friday on news 4 today through the month of may, and we know there is a whole lot more out there. so, we to want hear about them. leave us a message on facebook, twitter, instagram, tell us stories, use the #nbc4dc and we'll do what we can to share the talent. >> on this point, congress obviously wasn't ready to begin the process of repealing obamacare. a little more than a month ago. but i think we're close. and it is owing to the fact that you're seeing members of congress coming together to repeal the onerous taxes and penalties that people pay if they don't have insurance in obamacare to expand health savings accounts. >> that is a portion of vice president mike pence's interview just now on "meet the press." >> he was talking about house republicans effort to repeal and replace the
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"meet the press" chuck todd and listening to the vice president there i think we're close. how close? >> close is just with a potential house vote. close is just there that. they're trying to get us to the house essentially with a more conservative version of a bill that could never pass the senate. and so that's what makes it, i think, makes a lot of us that cover the stuff for a living wondering, okay, how do you bridge this divide? it's interesting here. fascinating hedge, will there be a bill that redoes health care on the president's desk before the end of the year? forget like, you know, next month and 100 days, and he said, he hopes so. but he wouldn't draw that line in the sand. and i think it just tells you to me, if you want to know the biggest lesson that this adni
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lesson that congress moves a at snail's pace and don't throw out deadlines you can't meet. >> let's talk about the first 100 days, in a recent interview, the president said this is more work than his previous job. one of the questions you're asking this week is is washington changing him or he changing washington. probably both, right? >> my panel concluded, hands down, washington's winning. . >> why? i would think you would say that right now, right? >> in the first 100 days they have had the upper hand. whether it's stopping obamacare, whether it's frankly changing the president's mind on china. changing the president's mind on nato. holding him back from the brink on nafta. vice president took a little issue with the idea that washington's winning. he believes that they are making progress here in bringing change, but i think that the biggest struggle they have is that when you look at it, there's two ways to look at the first 100 days. one hand it's a ramp-up and you don't want to be judged and you have your term remaining. if you look at the
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president. things get even harder. and this has been a very difficult first 100 days for him, small legislative victories. how is this going to look in the next 18 months? it's not clear. >> well talking with the vice president, that's not the only exclusive you have on meet the press coming up today. >> no right, we have something that we used to see all the time on meet the press and haven't, two senators from opposite side appearing on the set, together. and not overly disagreeing. >> good. >> but, they actually talk about why it is actually so hard to find common ground. some of the answers are obvious, but a few weren't. it's great conversation. >> looking forward to that. and more discussion on all of this and reminder, see meet the press every sunday at 10:30 right after news 4 today coming up in just about ten minutes. thank you for stopping by. take care of your allergies. >> help me out here, man. >> man. can we -- i think we need some rainstorms. can we clean up the pollen? >> yeah, yeah, you need to get an endocrinologist
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>> apparently i do. >> are you okay? >> yeah, it's going to clear up rain may be coming in later today. later chance for rain the week. pollen sufferers, hang in there. relief is on the way. right now cloudiness this morning. and going forward hour by hour, we'll have the cloud cover continuing to break up into the afternoon, partly cloudy, then the clouds will start filling back in again, the areas in green and yellow, those are some showers that may be popping up north and west of the metro area by mid to late afternoon, then 5:00 or 6:00 p.m., they're all gone and the cloud cover is breaking up. and mostly clear overnight tonight. temperatures right now, mid-70s, metro area and up near 80, southern maryland through northern virginia. that area make up to near 90 this afternoon. great afternoon if for baseball. mets and nationals first pitch 1:35, hovering in the low 80s through much of the game. under a partly cloudy sky, only a slight chance of maybe an isolated shower toward the end of the game. monday morng
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partly cloudy, and then noontime, temperatures into the upper 70s with dry roads and we'll have it, oh, cloudy by 5:00 p.m. on monday. low 80s again. then it's monday night, may get showers and thundershowers. temperatures by dawn tuesday into the low 60s. and we'll have the sunshine back during the day on tuesday. with afternoon highs reaching the upper 70s. then on wednesday, lots of sunshine, beautiful day. up near 70 degrees. and then as we get into thursday, looks like rain moving in. and some showers yes washing some of the pollen out of the air looks like thursday afternoon and evening. the only upper 60s in the afternoon. then moderate, briefly heavy showers during the day on friday with highs in the upper 70s, maybe even a little thunder and lightning. that all should be ending by sunset on friday. just in time for some dry weather to return for next weekend. saturday, partly sunny afternoon highs next saturday near 7037 and then upper 60s near 70 a week f
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the low 70s, then gets summer-like again. toward the middle part of the next week, that following week, day ten on tuesday. maybe some showers, but afternoon highs into the mid-80s. so, quite an up and down pattern here over the next ten days. typical here as we
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and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america. look at wendy. sh
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last night's caps/penguins game. wendy had the honor of taking that ride in front of the crowd during the second intermission. she looks like she had a real blast and you can get all the the behind the scenes on her ride at our nbc washington facebook page. >> the ice queen. look at her. >> that's right. love it. >> the sweetest. >> 10:26 on this monday morning. four things you need to know. five dead, dozens injured after severe storms ripped through texas. officials say three tornados touched down east of dallas. officials will have a better scope of the damage as the sunrises. president trump took on the media at a rally last night in pennsylvania. touted his record over his first 100 days in office. if you have to drive south, prepare for delays today. vdot reducing the southbound side there from three lanes to two over the creek to make bridge repairs. >> let's go caps. they are hoping for a win against the peng wings. 2-0 in the
10:27 am
pittsburgh. >> that was a tough one, but the wiz are back at it today. let's root them on. tom, what's our sunday looking like? >> low 80s this afternoon. little touch of summer as we say good-bye to april and hello may. >> unbelievable. >> but not as hot as yesterday, and another warm day tomorrow too. could get some passing thundershowers north of the metro area. not severe. and maybe some more storms on monday night. so have the umbrella handy over the next couple of days. >> meet the press is coming up next. and reminder wake up with us tomorrow morning, we start at 4:26. until then, gre sunday evater
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this sunday, president trump promised to change washington, but is it possible washington is changing him? >> this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier. >> the president fights to beat a 100-day deadline he calls ridiculous with an outline on taxes. >> we are going to cut taxes and lify the tax code. >> that faces stiff opposition. another attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. >> we think it is a really good step in the right direction. >> that is still short. and a promise to get rid of nafta. that turns into a decision to negotiate instead. last night the president took a victory lap in a campaign-style stop in pennsylvania. >> we are keeping one


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